FlexDoc/XML - Samples

These are some very simple and demo template applications that show how FlexDoc/XML can be used for various documenting and reporting tasks.

Application Description
XMLDoc The “XML File Documenter” template application, which allows you to compile any number of generic XML files into a nice looking web-ready HTML or printable RTF documentation with the optional inclusion of the namespace binding report (that shows which namespace prefixes are bound to which namespace URIs and where).
Sales Report A template that demonstrates how FlexDoc/XML can be used for a typical reporting task: generating a financial/bookkeeping report with some rows of figures and total sums.
Alternative to XSLT A very simple template that shows how FlexDoc/XML can replace a standard XSLT script.

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Far more serious template applications of FlexDoc/XML are:
  • XSDDoc - XML schema documentation generator
  • WSDLDoc - WSDL documentation generator
Both commercial products!