FlexDoc/XML - Integrations

On this page are listed the integrations of FlexDoc/XML with some other software products/systems that we have worked out. This currenty includes:

Integration Annotation
Apache Ant You may easily integrate FlexDoc/XML generator (template interpreter) with Apache Ant automated build system. No special plugin is required!
Apache Maven Running FlexDoc/XML from Apache Maven is a bit more complicated. We had to develop a little “FlexDoc/XML Maven Plugin” for this. Click on the link to see how to install and use it.
XMLSpy The integration of FlexDoc/XML with Altova XMLSpy® allows users to automatically insert the graphics diagrams produced by XMLSpy into the WSDL / XML schema documentation generated by WSDLDoc / XSDDoc (with full support of diagram hyperlinks). That was achieved by developing a special extension of the XML DSM driver (on which FlexDoc/XML is based) as well as employing other features of FlexDoc core not available in FlexDoc/XML otherwise. So, this became a separate commercial product.
Oxygen XML A similar integration of FlexDoc/XML with Oxygen XML Editor. It is also about diagrams, however, now generated by OxygenXML.

Click on the link in the first column to see the integration details.