FlexDoc/UML - Overview

FlexDoc/UML is an application of FlexDoc.XYZ in the field of UML. It is both the past and future product line – but not present yet.

FlexDoc/Together (formerly “DocFlex/Together”) was actually the very first application of FlexDoc.XYZ. It was a highly-advanced UML documentation generator for Borland Together (an UML tool) based on Together open API as a data and diagram source. Although, we were able to win with it some very prominent customers (including BT Group and Vodafone), unfortunately, we did not find any support from Borland itself, which closed up its Together APIs instead, and ceased to exist eventually a couple years later being sold out to other companies. Deprived the possibility to maintain the integration with the new Together versions, our product became defunct.

Now, we plan a wholly new advance into the field of UML. As time passed, in place of several independent UML software vendors with their proprietary implementations and APIs, now, Eclipse Modeling Framework seems to have established itself as a common base for UML development. This opens a possibility to create a universal UML Documentation Generator able to integrate with many modern UML tools.