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All demo documentation on this page has been generated from Open JDK 17 source code available at: https://jdk.java.net/java-se-ri/17

You can also download these demo JavaDocs here:


Framed HTML

This demo documentation has been generated using FramedDoc.tpl template for the following packages and single clases: These packages and classes were chosen to represent all diversity and complexity of possible Java code and doc-comments. So, you can appreciate how FlexDoc/Javadoc is able to handle such a code. Click on the picture to see the live HTML:

Framed HTML documentation Jumping directly to a particular detail
The program elements missing in this documentation are hyperlinked to the standard JDK 17 API docs using the command-line option:

-link https://docs.oracle.com/en/java/javase/17/docs/api/

Single File HTML

The SingleDoc.tpl template is able to produce not only RTF. It can generate a single-file HTML documentation (as well as in any other output format currently supported by FlexDoc). The next screenshot shows such an HTML generated for the classes: Click to view the single-file HTML:

RTF Demo

The following is a sample RTF documentation generated with the SingleDoc.tpl template.

This RTF document has been generated for the following classes directly specified on the Javadoc command line:

These screenshots show the first three pages of the RTF documentation (click to see in full size):

These are the overview of java.base/java.lang package and the details of Enum and StackOverflowError classes:

The module java.xml overview:

The overviews of jdk.javadoc module and jdk.javadoc.doclet package in it:

The following are the pages for javax.swing.text.Document interface and javax.swing.text.JTextComponent.java class, whose Java sources contain comments richly formatted with various embedded HTML tags (including images). Here you can see how FlexDoc is able to handle such an embedded HTML and render it with the appropriate formatting in RTF:

As you can see, the result looks nearly identical to what would be expected from best HTML browsers. Yet, this is MS Word displaying an RTF, which understands no HTML markup!

The images were picked automatically by the generator from their original locations (in doc-files subdirectories) within the provided Java sources. Please notice also a table in the bottom-right screenshot. FlexDoc core is able to render in RTF the tables of any complexity and arbitrary layout defined with HTML tags!

RTF in LibreOffice

You can equally run FlexDoc/Javadoc under Linux and generate RTF documentation to open it in LibreOffice.org. (For more information, see also Documentation | FAQ | Generating RTF for LibreOffice.)

Here is how such an RTF looks when open with LibreOffice Writer (click to enlarge):

The following is the screenshot of JavadocClassic | SingleDoc.tpl main template, which has generated the RTF above (click to enlarge):

It is open with the Template Designer running under Ubuntu Linux.