Product Overview


A programming technology for template-based documentation/report generators from any data sources provided by various software applications via their standard Java APIs. It is based on some very abstract generalizations, in particular an idea that any Java API that provides some static information can be mapped onto a virtual XML-like representation made of some elements and attributes, which can be further processed in a uniform way using techniques borrowed from the field of XML. This website is dedicated to various software products based on that technology.

«FlexDoc.XYZ» is a new name for the software formerly known as «DocFlex» (e.g. DocFlex/XML, DocFlex/Javadoc etc.) offered on website. To improve the visibility of our software in Internet and promotion, we have made some renaming and relocation. For more details, please see: News | 2018/12

XML Application Line

FlexDoc/XML SDK is a System Development Kit for designing and running any kind of documentation/report generators from any data stored in XML files. The actual doc/report generators are created in the form of special templates, which are designed visually using a graphic Template Designer basing on the datatype information obtained from an XML Schema describing a particular XML-file data source. All formatting is specified in templates independently of destination output formats. A template set (called “template application”) is interpreted by the template interpreter / output generator. The output format is selected before the generation and may be one of the following: framed multi-file HTML, single-file HTML, RTF and TXT (plain text). The whole system may be considered as an alternative to XSLT: the templates are equivalent of XSLT scripts; the FlexDoc/XML generator is an equivalent of XSLT processor. The difference is that FlexDoc.XYZ actually provides more capabilities than XSLT. Moreover, the “templates versus scripts” approach allows you almost to avoid (or, at least, lessen very much) the need of coding of any scripts at all! Now, instead of programming everything on the level of abstract commands and operators, you can visually design the generated content as you expect to see it in the output documentation mostly by using mouse and specifying properties in the Template Designer dialogs. At that, you will be able to run the generator immediately and check how the actual result looks.
FlexDoc/XML XSDDoc is a ready template application of FlexDoc/XML that implements a powerful XML Schema documentation generator, which you can use to generate by any W3C XML schemas the following types of documentation: framed multi-file (Javadoc-like) HTML, single-file HTML and unmatched quality RTF.
FlexDoc/XML WSDLDoc is another template application implementing a powerful WSDL/XSD documentation generator. It will allow you to document both WSDL and XML schema (XSD) files as well as any interconnections between them, with the possibility of automatic inclusion of XSD diagrams.
FlexDoc/XML DiagramKit is FlexDoc/XML native diagramming engine (implemented entirely in Java and independent on any third-party software). It creates beautiful XSD component diagrams, which can be generated/inserted simultaneously along with the documentation generated by XSDDoc/WSDLDoc (with the support of all possible diagram hyperlinks).

Javadoc Application Line

FlexDoc/Javadoc is both a multi-format Javadoc Doclet and a programming tool for rapid development of Javadoc-based Java API documentation generators in various output formats, currently: framed/single-file HTML, RTF and TXT. Actual doc-generators are created in the form of special templates interpreted by “FlexDoc Doclet” – the template interpreter / output generator wrapped as a Javadoc Doclet. The high-quality graphic Template Designer represents the templates in a form resembling the output they generate, yet allows programming of very sophisticated processing and formatting! The supplied “JavadocClassic” template set will let you immediately generate framed HTML (classic) JavaDoc and excellent RTF JavaDoc with rendering HTML tags embedded doc-comments (including insertion of images via <img> tags). Above all, you can filter classes and members by tags/annotations. All templates are open for any changes! The plain text output may be particularly useful for various utilizations of Java code information provided by Javadoc, for instance, to generate XML files by it.

UML Application Line

FlexDoc/Together is a powerful template-driven documentation generator for Borland® Together® based on FlexDoc.XYZ. It is prepared in the form of a Together plug-in which installs itself in Together IDE and allows generation of superior quality documentation by Together projects and models in HTML and RTF output formats. The Template Designer included in the software allows you to design custom templates and may be both invoked from the Together IDE and launched as a separate Java application. The TXT output is supported as well and may be used for non-documentation tasks to harness sophisticated data query and processing capabilities provided by this technology (for instance, using templates and TXT output, you can easily program dumping the data from Together models into various XML files).