FlexDoc/Javadoc - Installation / Configuration Files

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration Files

1. Installation

Installation of FlexDoc/Javadoc is very simple:
  1. Unpack the downloaded archive.
  2. Copy the FlexDoc license file 'flexdoc-javadoc.license', which you received by e-mail, into the 'lib' directory. This file must be always near the FlexDoc/Javadoc Java library (flexdoc-javadoc.jar) file!
  3. Edit generator.bat and designer.bat to specify the 'JDK_HOME' variable according to the location of JDK 11 (or later) installed on your system.
After that, you can start: To generate the real JavaDoc (for you project) you will need to specify in the generator.bat your Java packages/classes to document.

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2. Configuration Files

File Description
flexdoc.config This is the FlexDoc/Javadoc main configuration file. It contains:
  • The locations of other configuration files used by FlexDoc/Javadoc. Normally, all of them reside in the same 'config' directory.
  • The default template directory
  • The default output directory
  • An alternative location of flexdoc.license file
  • The external system command to open a URL which is used to launch an external viewer for generated output files (see -launchviewer command line option).
The main configuration file is used for reading only and never changed.
Default Location:
By default, the main configuration file is 'flexdoc.config' and searched in the same directory where the FlexDoc/Javadoc Java library flexdoc-javadoc.jar is located. If not found, the flexdoc.config file is created automatically with the default settings.
Alternative Location:
Can be specified using -flexdocconfig option both on Template Designer and Javadoc command line.

The FlexDoc/Javadoc license file, which you should receive by e-mail.
Default Location:
Searched near the FlexDoc/Javadoc Java library file flexdoc-javadoc.jar.

Since the version 1.5.4, the default FlexDoc/Javadoc license file is 'flexdoc-javadoc.license'. If this file is not found, the license is searched in 'flexdoc.license' file.

Alternative Locations:

designer.config The Template Designer configuration file. It stores the designer configuration for the recently edited templates. This file is created and maintained automatically.
Default Location:
config/designer.config – assigned in the main configuration file
Alternative Location:
Can be specified using -config option on the Template Designer command line.
generator.config The generator configuration file; used by the Generator to obtain all settings not specified directly on the command line.

This file is created and maintained automatically by the generator dialog. It contains:

  • The last used templates
  • The values of template parameters
  • The output directory and file name
  • The output format options
  • The launch viewer setting (see -launchviewer option)
When the generator dialog is invoked next time, those settings are restored from the generator config file, so you don't need to re-enter them again. The values of template parameters previously specified for one template will also be loaded into the equally named parameters of other templates.

You can use the generator dialog to quickly prepare a config file with the specific settings you need and, then, provide only this file on the Javadoc command line (using -config option) instead of specifying all those settings directly.

Default Location:
config/generator.config – assigned in the main configuration file
Alternative Location:
Can be specified using -config option on the Javadoc command line.
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