FlexDoc/Together - Examples

  1. FlexDoc under Together IDE
  2. RTF documentation generated by “CashSales” sample project
  3. Framed HTML documentation

Notice: All images relevant to Borland® Together® visible in the following screenshots, within FlexDoc Template Designer or sample documentation were either generated by Borland® Together® or provided dynamically from its libraries. FlexDoc/Together does not supply any of those images by itself.

1. FlexDoc under Together IDE

FlexDoc Template Designer launched from Together IDE:

Template Designer under Together IDE

FlexDoc Generator dialog:

FlexDoc Generator dialog

2. RTF documentation generated by “CashSales” sample project

The following screenshots have been taken from the RTF documentation generated with the ProjectDoc.tpl template. To download the whole RTF documentation (zip 473 Kb), please click here.

Project Overview and “OpenFirst” Class Diagram (click on the picture to see the real size page preview):

Project Overview  Class Diagram “OpenFirst”  Class Diagram “OpenFirst” - description and notes

Class Documentation:

Package “data_management” Class Documentation Class Documentation

Class Diagrams:

Class Diagram “Architecture View” Class Diagram “Architecture View” Class Diagram “Object View”

Use-Case and Deployment Diagrams:

Use-Case Diagram Use-Case Diagram - Node Detail Deployment Diagram

Sequence Diagram (since this particular diagram was big enough, it has been automatically rotated into "landscape" orientation so as to minimize the image scaling):

Sequence Diagram - the diagram image Sequence Diagram - Node/Sequence Summary Sequence Diagram - Node Detail

State and Activity Diagrams:

State Diagram State Diagram - Node Detail Activity Diagram

Entity Relationship and Robustness Diagrams:

ER Diagram ER Diagram - Entity Detail Robustness Diagram

User Interface Documentation:

UI Component Tree UI Component Summary UI Component Detail

3. Framed HTML documentation

The following is the framed HTML documentation generated by the “CashSales” sample project using the ProjectDocFrames.tpl template. This is the most complete documentation for this project possible to generate with the current set of templates. Click on the screenshot to see the real HTML:

Framed HTML project documentation

The following is a documentation generated with the same template by “UIBuilderSamples” project (click on the screenshot):

UIBuilder Samples

“UIBuilderSamples” project as part of Together basic samples was supposed to demonstrate usage of the User Interface Builder appeared in Together 6.0. Although no one, probably, uses UI Builder now, the documentation generated by that project shows how easily FlexDoc can handle information simultaneously from quite different data sources (provided by even different APIs) and mix it into a single documentation interconnected by a single network of hyperlinks. That may be especially interesting for those who might consider embedding FlexDoc technology into their software products and applications (not necessary related to UML modeling).

To download the whole HTML documentation package (zip 800 Kb), please click here.