FlexDoc/Javadoc - Overview

  1. What is FlexDoc/Javadoc?
  2. Key Features
  3. Technical Requirements
  4. Editions
  5. Functional Entities
  6. Full Licenses

1. What is FlexDoc/Javadoc?

FlexDoc/Javadoc is both a multi-format Javadoc Doclet and a programming tool for rapid development of Javadoc-based Java API documentation generators in various output formats, which by their complexity and quality are equal or exceed the standard Javadoc.
Javadoc by itself is basically a launcher of two things:
  1. The Java parser (compiler)
  2. A special plugin called doclet that generates the particular documentation output. If no other doclet specified, Javadoc uses the Standard Doclet.
FlexDoc/Javadoc is an application of FlexDoc.XYZ to enhance standard Javadoc.

2. Key Features

This section is published on a separate page: FlexDoc/Javadoc | Features. Here is its table of contents:
  1. How It Works
  2. Doclet API as virtual XML document
  3. Formatting
  4. Insertion of images
  5. Hypertext
  6. Output formats
  7. Doclet GUI
  8. Ready template applications
  9. Integrations

3. Technical Requirements

FlexDoc/Javadoc requires the Javadoc Tool that comes with Java Development Kits (JDK) version 11 or later.
Javadoc is not a separate software but rather a part of the whole Java Development Kit (JDK), which you can freely download from either:
Since FlexDoc/Javadoc is a pure Java application (both the Template Designer and Doclet GUI are based entirely on Java Swing), it is supposed to work on any operating system where Java can be installed.

Specifically, the FlexDoc/Javadoc software available for downloads includes

to run FlexDoc/Javadoc immediately on those operating systems.

Additionally, a sample Ant buildfile and Maven POM file are provided to demonstrate integration of FlexDoc Doclet both with Apache Ant, Maven and Gradle. For more details, please see FlexDoc/Javadoc | Documentation | Integrations.

4. Editions

Currently, the entire FlexDoc/Javadoc software comes in the form of a single edition (called simply “FlexDoc/Javadoc”), which you can download as a single archive. It includes everything (all features available in this product line): You just need to install the necessary licenses to use those features you need (if they are not free).

5. Functional Entities

FlexDoc/Javadoc is very complex software that took many years to develop. So, we break the whole FlexDoc/Javadoc into a number of logical products (or functional entities) according to the major functionality implemented. Some of those products are free, others require separate licensing.

Below is the list of such products along with the details of how they are licensed.

Template Designer

Provides a high-quality GUI to design templates. This is the only way to create/modify templates. In effect, the Template Designer both visualizes the template language and gives you access to most of FlexDoc.XYZ features.

Template Designer is covered by the “FlexDoc/Javadoc” license, depending on which it may work in one of two modes:

The difference shown in this table:

Feature / Functionality Demo Mode Full Mode
License type(s) Demo License (activated by default) Trial or Full License for FlexDoc/Javadoc
Possibility to create/modify templates No. You can investigate any GUI functionality but not save any created/modified templates.   Template Designer will work without limitations. You can create/modify any templates.

Template Processor (FlexDoc Doclet)

Represents both a Javadoc doclet and the Runtime Environment (RE) to execute template applications (see Template Processor as Javadoc Doclet).

This includes:

That functionality (also called “generator”) is provided by FlexDoc/Javadoc Java library.

The generator is covered by either Free License or “FlexDoc/Javadoc” license, depending on which it may work in one of three modes:

The differences between those modes are shown in the following table:

Feature / Functionality Default Mode Extended Mode Trial Mode
License type(s) Free License
(activated by default)
Full License for FlexDoc/Javadoc Trial License for FlexDoc/Javadoc
Execution of any custom templates.

If your custom templates are derived from a template set provided by Filigris Works, their execution will depend also on your license for that template application (see Licensing of Templates).

only those created or modified the last time under a Full License for FlexDoc/Javadoc distorted output
Execution of templates provides by Filigris Works.

This depends also on your license for that particular template application (see Licensing of Templates).

distorted output
No limitation on input Java project (number of classes etc.)
Doclet GUI
Generation of HTML, RTF, TXT (plain text) output
Custom CSS in HTML output.

See also: Custom CSS Rules / CSS File | Which license required?

only templates created or modified the last time under a Full License for FlexDoc/Javadoc
Any number of output files of any size
Possible usage of generated documentation. any usage unlimited for evaluation only

Template Applications

FlexDoc/Javadoc currently includes the only ready-to-use template application, which is included in FlexDoc/Javadoc archive.

App Description License
JavadocClassic Implements a powerful Java API Documentation Generator able to produce both multi-framed Javadoc-like HTML and printable RTF documentation.

See Also:

demo, Trial or Full License for FlexDoc/Javadoc


System Integration Implementation License
Apache Ant Allows you to run FlexDoc Doclet from your Ant build.

For more details, please see: FlexDoc/Javadoc | Documentation | Integrations | Apache Ant

settings in your Ant build file free
Apache Maven Allows you to run FlexDoc Doclet from your Maven build.

For more details, please see: FlexDoc/Javadoc | Documentation | Integrations | Apache Maven

settings in your Maven POM file free
Gradle Allows you to run FlexDoc Doclet from your Gradle build.

For more details, please see: FlexDoc/Javadoc | Documentation | Integrations | Gradle

settings in your Gradle build file free

6. Full Licenses

Currently, the only full license is available for FlexDoc/Javadoc software:

License Description
FlexDoc/Javadoc Covers everything currently implemented:

See Also: