FlexDoc/Together - Templates

  1. ProjectDoc.tpl
  2. ProjectDocFrames.tpl
  3. ClassDoc.tpl / ClassDocFrames.tpl

Most of the Together-specific features found in the generated documentation come from templates being used. Here, we shall discuss the basic templates provided with the FlexDoc/Together and what documentation can be generated with them.

1. ProjectDoc.tpl

This batch template (it calls from itself a lot of other templates) was designed to generate a single-file documentation for almost everything contained in your project. It is supported by all available output formats and may be especially useful when the generated documentation is intended for printing (RTF output).

A lot of parameters provided by this template allow to adjust the documentation generation within a wide range of included details (from the most detailed project documentation to just overview with summaries of the contained packages and diagrams).

Currently, the following kinds of documentation can be generated with this template:

The ProjectDoc.tpl template supports the following generation scopes:

All the whole project
Current package relatively to the current diagram selected in Together
Current package with subpackages relatively to the current diagram
Current diagram
Selected elements on current diagram The selected elements may be Class nodes or shortcuts to other diagrams. This allows to generate documentation for only specific classes or diagrams (for instance, you may document just a single class if you need).

2. ProjectDocFrames.tpl

A yet another batch template, which is basically a version of the ProjectDoc.tpl template that allows to generates an interactive framed documentation for your Together projects. This template is supported only by HTML output format.

The generated framed documentation is extensively hyper-linked, so you can traverse it all around. Some hyperlinks may load several frame windows at once.

See a live example of such a documentation.

3. ClassDoc.tpl / ClassDocFrames.tpl

These two templates are reduced versions of ProjectDoc.tpl and ProjectDocFrames.tpl templates.

They allow to generate only Class Documentation (Class Diagrams are included).

The purpose of those templates is that in the Lite Edition of this product both are provided for free. That means, you can use them without having to pay anything. The documentation generated with those templates will not contain any evaluation markers!