complexType "xsl:sequence-constructor"
mixed (allows character data), 6 attributes, attr. wildcard, 3 elements, 2 elem. wildcards
at 21 locations
Content Model Diagram
XML Representation Summary
list of xs:anyURI
(list of (xs:NCName | "#default") | "#all")
list of (xs:NCName | "#default")
{any attribute with non-schema namespace}
All Direct / Indirect Based Elements (21):
xsl:attribute, xsl:comment, xsl:copy, xsl:document, xsl:element, xsl:fallback, xsl:if, xsl:key, xsl:matching-substring, xsl:message, xsl:namespace, xsl:non-matching-substring, xsl:otherwise, xsl:param, xsl:processing-instruction, xsl:result-document, xsl:sort, xsl:value-of, xsl:variable, xsl:when, xsl:with-param
Known Usage Locations
Type Definition Detail
Type Derivation Tree
xsl:generic-element-type (extension)
XML Source (see within schema source)
<xs:complexType name="sequence-constructor">
<xs:complexContent mixed="true">
<xs:extension base="xsl:versioned-element-type">
<xs:group maxOccurs="unbounded" minOccurs="0" ref="xsl:sequence-constructor-group"/>

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