DocFlex/XML: docs/reports generator from XML files

FILIGRIS WORKS is pleased to announce even more advancement in the doc-generation technology. Now, DocFlex product family is extended by a new tool -- DocFlex/XML 1.0 -- a template-driven documentation/report generator by the data obtained from XML files.

Product Summary

DocFlex/XML is the most advanced application of DocFlex Technology developed on top of the experience accumulated from the previous two: DocFlex/Javadoc and DocFlex/Together.

This tool allows you to visually design the automatic generation of professional quality reports and documentation by the data obtained from your XML files.

The output documents can be generated in RTF and HTML formats. The HTML can be both single-file and multi-framed documentation. The TXT (plain text) output is supported as well, which enables you to use this tool also for various XML file transformations

Such a generation works by interpreting special templates, which are created using a graphic Template Designer. The templates functionally behave similar to full-blown scripting-language programs (such as XSLT scripts). However, the advantage of the approach offered by DocFlex Technology is that it requires very few coding of anything manually and allows to design your templates in the WYSIWYG form.

The templates are designed basing on the information obtained from DTD or XML Schema files mostly by using mouse and specifying properties in Template Designer dialogs. The data type information (i.e. XML elements and attributes) appears in various treeviews which are used to program the data processing in the templates.

The formatting of the generated documents is programmed by specifying formatting properties of template components (some of which can be changed simply by dragging mouse in the designer pane). Many of such properties are graphically visualized by the Template Designer.

The output generator can be both launched from the command line and invoked directly from the Template Designer's main menu which allows you to immediately see the result produced by your templates yet during designing them.

Key Features

Technical Requirements

DocFlex/XML (version 1.0) requires JavaTM 2 Version 1.4.x installed on your system.

To parse XML files, DTDs and XML Schemas, DocFlex/XML uses Apache Xerces2 Java Parser version 2.6.2.

Freeware Edition

The freeware edition, which is called “DocFlex/XML Generator”, includes only the template interpreter (output generator) without the Template Designer.

Currently, it also includes a set of "XML Documentor" templates (see Sample 1), which allow you to compiles any number of your XML files of any possible types into a nice looking printable (RTF) or framed (HTML) documentation. The templates are embedded as resources into the Java library file. So you can immediately start using it as an utility for documenting your raw XML files.

In the same way, we are planning eventually to enrich the freeware edition with some other sets of "heavyweight" templates dedicated to various big XML applications (the next are coming the "XML Schema Documentor" templates). See also DocFlex/XML Roadmap.

Basically, the freeware edition is intended for the following purposes:

DocFlex/XML Roadmap

DocFlex/XML is a strategic product of Filigris Works. With this new tool, we are hoping eventually to reach a much wider audience of software developers and break people free truly to start using DocFlex Technology.

Currently, the product core is nearly complete. The finishing step will be publishing of DocFlex Open API which is going to appear in DocFlex/XML version 1.1 planned for release in a couple of weeks.

Shortly after that, basing on DocFlex/XML, we are planning to develop series of "heavyweight" templates dedicated to specific XML applications. The first of them should be:

  1. The "XML Schema Documentor" templates, which will allow to generate a high quality documentation for XML Schemas.
  2. The templates for XMI data sources, which together with DocFlex/XML itself effectively will provide a template-driven doc-generator for virtually any UML modeling tool.

What is coming then, you can imagine for yourself. Just look, for instance, at OASIS XML standards repository. All of this is a potential field for creating template-driven documentation generators based on DocFlex/XML!

And we believe, this is coming fairly soon, because designing DocFlex templates is pretty easy, nothing near to the efforts needed to develop an equal quality doc-generator for a particular XML application from the scratch!

Once the new application templates for a particular field arrive, those templates will be instantly included in the standard template library provided with DocFlex/XML.

By purchasing a license for DocFlex/XML, besides the ability to design your own templates, you will be able to customize all those library templates for your own needs. In effect, once having a license, you will be constantly delivered with an ever growing number of template-driven doc-generators for various big XML applications without paying anything extra for any of them!

That is the DocFlex/XML development roadmap. With this map, we invite you to travel the exciting landscape of XML applications together with us!


This screenshot shows the "XML Documentor" template loaded in the Template Designer with the generator dialog invoked and running the generation by this template (click to see in full size):

This are the pages of an RTF document produced with the "XML Documentor" template:

The following RTF demonstrates how DocFlex/XML can be used for a typical reporting task -- generating a financial/accounting report with some rows of figures and total sums:

Click here to see a screenshot of the template producing such a report. Find out more how this template works by the following link:


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