DocFlex/Javadoc 1.4 now supports Linux

DocFlex/Javadoc v1.4 has been tuned to support Linux (as well as Mac OS X):

New RTF option

A new RTF output option “Tune output for MS Word” has been introduced. This option, actually, allows switching off that very tuning (which until now was the default mode) to produce an RTF friendly to open with other non MS Word applications, e.g. Writer under Linux.

Here is how such an RTF looks in Writer under Linux (click to see the full size screenshot):

RTF documentation open with Writer under Linux

For more details, see DocFlex/Javadoc | Doclet | Tips | Generating RTF for

About DocFlex/Javadoc

DocFlex/Javadoc is both a template-driven multi-format Javadoc doclet and a visual graphic Template Designer for it.

DocFlex/Javadoc is able to generate Java API documentation or anything else produced from the data provided by Doclet API. The output can be generated in HTML (both multi-framed and single file), exceptional quality MS Word and friendly RTF and plain text output formats.

The RTF output generator supports rendering of most HTML 3.2 tags (and their attributes) embedded in Java comments. This includes images, tables of any complexity and lists. In effect, besides the Java API documentation, the generator acts as a mini browser of HTML into RTF. More output formats are coming in the future versions!

The graphics Template Designer represents the whole Doclet API in the form of a virtual "XML document" with a very compact structure. This makes possible to process information provided by Doclet API using queries similar to XPath.

What's more, the template approach allows almost to avoid writing any code! Instead of programming your doclet on the level of abstract Java operators, you can visually design most of the stuff you want to produce in terms of things appearing in the output documentation simply by using mouse and specifying properties in the Template Designer dialogs.

Using the basic template set provided with DocFlex/Javadoc, you can quickly customize your Javadoc without writing a full-blown doclet from scratch!

DocFlex/Javadoc comes in two editions: the full one and the freeware edition called DocFlex/Doclet.

DocFlex/Doclet includes only the output generator and a set of build-in templates without Template Designer. You may simply use it for free as the best quality RTF generator for Javadoc Tool. Besides this, you can use DocFlex/Doclet as a free interpreter for your custom templates with possibility to redistribute it together with your templates as you need!


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