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About XSDDoc parameters

«Details | Overview Summary» parameter group

This parameter group controls the content of the «Overview Summary» documentation block.

Parameter Name / Type / Description


doc.overview.title : string

Specify the title to be placed at the top of the «Overview Summary» page/block.

Note: The text specified with this parameter may contain HTML tags, which will be rendered with the corresponding formatting (in both HTML and RTF). Check also that “Render embedded HTML” option of the destination output format is set for this! (It can be specified in the generator dialog.)

Default Value:

Copied from the value of parameter: Documentation Title
See Also Parameters:

Namespace Summary

doc.overview.namespaces : boolean

Specify whether to generate the «Namespace Summary» section.


doc.overview.namespaces.sorting : boolean

Specify how the «Namespace Summary» is sorted.

The exact meaning of this parameter is the same as of “Generate Details | Sorting | Namespaces” parameter, from which it also inherits its default value.

Schema Summary

doc.overview.schemas : boolean

Specify whether to generate the «Schema Summary» section that enumerates all documented XML schemas along with a few details about each of them.

Nested Parameters:
Specify how the schema summary should be sorted and which details are to be shown about each XML schema.

The default values of all these parameters are copied from the values of the corresponding parameters in the group: “Details | Fragments | Schema Summary


doc.overview.schemas.sorting : boolean

Specify how the «Schema Summary» is sorted.

The parameter has the following meaning:

  • When it is selected (true), the XML schemas will be sorted alphabetically by their file names (ignoring letter case).
  • When the parameter is unselected (false), the XML schemas will follow in a certain "physical" order determined by how the initial XML schemas (to be documented) have been specified as well as how these schemas import other XML schemas. For more information about this, see also “Generate Details | For schemas” parameter group.
Default Value:
Copied dynamically from the value of the parameter: Details | Fragments | Schema Summary | Sorting


doc.overview.schemas.annotation : enum {"first_sentence", "full", "none"}

Specify whether to include the XML schema annotation and which part of it.

The full annotation text is obtained from all <xs:documentation> elements found by the following path:

Multiple <xs:documentation> elements produce multiple sections of the annotation text.

Possible Choices:

"first sentence"
Include only the first sentence of the annotation text.
Include the full annotation.
Do not include annotation.
Default Value:
Copied dynamically from the value of the parameter: Details | Fragments | Schema Summary | Annotation

Schema Profile

doc.overview.schemas.profile : boolean

Specifies whether to generate the «Schema Profile» section, which shows the general summary information about the component.

Nested Parameters:

Control what exactly is included in the «Schema Profile» section.
Default Value:
The default values of this and nested parameters are copied dynamically from the value of the parameter group: Details | Fragments | Schema Summary | Schema Profile