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LICENSE.html DocFlex Freeware Edition License
README.html this file
CHANGES.html change log of DocFlex/Javadoc
doc/ documentation
*.bat Files prepared for Windows Installation:
  • starts Javadoc with DocFlex Doclet to generate a demo documentation (Java 5 / 6 / 7)
  • the same for Java 1.4
linux/ Files prepared for Linux Installation:
  • shell script to start Javadoc with the DocFlex Doclet and generate a demo (Java 5 / 6 / 7)
  • the same for Java 1.4
  • DocFlex main configuration file prepared for Linux
lib/ DocFlex/Doclet Runtime Environment:
  • Java library compiled for Java 5 / 6 / 7
  • Java library compiled for Java 1.4
  • DocFlex main configuration file prepared for Windows (contains locations of other config files and various important settings)
config/ Configuration files (created and updated dynamically):
  • Generator configuration file
templates/ Ready to use template sets supplied with DocFlex/Javadoc
templates/javadoc/ The basic template set, which you can use to generate Java API documentation for any your projects in any of the supported output formats. This is an early version of standard templates provided before v1.6.0. It is able to generate only basic content: project overview, package summaries, class details. All Java 5 language features are fully supported. However, it will equally work under Java 1.4.
  • The template to generate framed HTML documentation
  • The template to generate single file documentation (in RTF or HTML format).
templates/JavadocPro/ The new JavadocPro template set that implements the most advanced Java API documentation generator with the support of filtering of classes and members by tags/annotations:
  • The template to generate framed HTML documentation identical to classic JavaDoc.
  • The template to generate single file documentation (in RTF or HTML format).
demo/ Java files for demo generation:
  • Java 1.4 demo project
  • Java 5.0 demo project
integrations/ The support files for integrations of DocFlex/Doclet with other software systems
integrations/ant/ Ant example files:
  • A simple ANT buildfile to demonstrate integration of DocFlex Doclet with Apache Ant
  • Windows command file to run Ant
  • Linux shell script to run Ant
integrations/maven/ Maven example files (see also Running Maven Demo):
  • A sample Maven project file configured to generate with Maven a demo JavaDoc using DocFlex Doclet. (This file is used by site.bat and
  • Windows command file to generated a project site including a demo JavaDoc generated with DocFlex Doclet.
  • The same prepared for Linux

Technical Requirements

DocFlex/Doclet requires the Javadoc Tool delivered with one of the following Java Development Kits: (JDK 7 may be preferable as it is the fastest.)

Since DocFlex/Doclet is a pure Java application, it is supposed to work on any operating system with the installed JDK.

Specifically, the software includes both MS Windows BAT files and Linux shell script files to run DocFlex/Doclet immediately on those operating systems. See Windows Installation and Linux Installation respectively.

We were also reported that DocFlex/Doclet worked successfully under Mac OS X.

Limitations of Freeware Edition

The "DocFlex/Doclet" is a freeware edition of DocFlex/Javadoc and subject to the following limitations:
  1. The freeware edition has no specific limitations on the size or content of the processed Java projects neither on the output it generates. (It just makes all the DocFlex Technology is up to.)

  2. The Template Designer is not included in the freeware edition. You cannot create new templates or modify any existing ones.

  3. The JavadocPro template set will work with reduced functionality. You can run only FramedDoc.tpl with some parameters disabled.

    In fact, the same docflex-javadoc.license covering the full edition can be used with DocFlex/Doclet too, which will enable all features of JavadocPro.


Windows Installation

To install DocFlex/Doclet on Windows, please follow these steps:
  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Edit the generator.bat file in DocFlex/Doclet root directory to specify the JDK variable according to the location of JDK (Java Development Kit) installed on your system.
Now, everything must be ready. Just run generator.bat !

Linux Installation

To install DocFlex/Doclet on Linux, please follow these steps:
  1. Unzip the downloaded archive.
  2. Edit the shell script file in linux subdirectory to specify the JDK variable according to the location of JDK installed on your system. (Note: You may also need to edit "Permission" properties of this file to allow it to be executed by Linux.)
Now, everything must be ready. Just run !

Running Maven Demo

First, of course, you need to have Maven installed on your system.

If you do not have Maven yet, download it from the Apache Maven web-site: The download archive will contain exactly the Maven home directory, which you may unpack at any location (e.g. C:\apache-maven-2.2.1).

Further, please follow these steps (Windows platform):

  1. Edit {docflex-doclet}\integrations\maven\site.bat to specify 'JAVA_HOME' and 'M2_HOME' variables according to the locations of Java and Maven installed on your system.
  2. Switch the current directory to {docflex-doclet}\integrations\maven and run site.bat, which will generate the project web-site. After Maven ends you will see a new 'target' subdirectory.
  3. Open target\site\index.html file. Then, go to "Project Reports" and click "DocFlex Doclet Demo". You will see the demo JavaDoc generated by DocFlex Doclet.
On Linux, everything is the same except that, instead of *.bat, you should use *.sh command files.

Note: To pass those steps, Maven may need to download from Internet and install lots of plugins. (In fact, Maven is all made of various plugins, which it downloads from Internet dynamically as needed.) So, you must be connected to Internet during this.

Getting Help

The most up-to-date information about DocFlex/Javadoc can be found on the product home page: | DocFlex/Javadoc.

We are happy to hear any questions, suggestions, comments, etc. about this product.
Please, e-mail us to: or

Change Log

Please see: {docflex-doclet}/CHANGES.html

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